Friday, October 05, 2018


Never Leaving School

I’ve often wondered why so many “educators” (public school teachers) tend to be left-wing in their political affiliations, often very left-wing. It struck me as a I watched an elementary classroom today that, like most classrooms, had very little of what could be called freedom in such an environment. That in itself isn’t so much a problem. Obviously, to manage a group of kids who would by their own devices be random and chaotic, requires some degree of organization and standardization.

The thing that makes teachers often so comfortable with this scheme in the wider world is an inability to see their child students as being quite different from those who operate in the adult world.

In essence, many teachers view fellow adults / citizens as children and see the world around them as akin to a classroom where obedient drones obey the drab dictates of rules and authority.

People have different perceptions of life in the classroom. Personally, I hated school. It was the ultimate bureau-environment. Like many people I’ve met, most of what I’ve learned in life has taken place after breaking free from the government’s stockades of compliant inculcation.

Next time you view a public classroom, imagine it as a model for society itself, a socialist dictatorship — where you can’t leave at the end of the day.

...’just a thought.

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